Delaware LPN to BSN Programs

Complete guide to LPN to BSN programs in Delaware and online LPN to BSN programs currently available to Delaware nursing students.

If you are a practical nurse in Delaware and you are looking to advance your career while remaining in the nursing profession an LPN to BSN degree program might suit your needs. Completing an LPN-BSN program will enable you to become a licensed Registered Nurse and earn a higher salary. The average salary for an LPN in the U.S. is around $46,000 per year, while the average RN salary is approximately $78,000 per year. This results in a 67% salary increase when going from being an LPN to an RN. Exact salary figures will differ depending on a number of factors including which Delaware city that you work in.

In addition to the financial benefits, registered nurses in Delaware who have their BSN degree have a significant advantage over other RNs with lesser educational qualifications. This makes it much easier to secure the RN job of your choice once you have your degree.

Another advantage of becoming an RN in Delaware is that you are able to take on greater job responsibilities, including management positions in charge of supervising other nurses. This can be a rewarding career move and add some variety to your current position.

Delaware LPN to BSN Schools

Delaware State University
1200 N Dupont Road
Dover, DE 19901

Wesley College
120 North State Street
Dover, DE 19901

Online LPN to BSN Programs for Delaware Students

Indiana State University

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